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Trends In Tiling: Mixed Reality & The Latest Flooring Designs
When talking about trends in tiling these days, the conversation can surround two different ideas: coming changes in the industry, and the latest popular flooring designs. In this piece I’ll touch briefly on both, first looking at a few changes we should expect in tiling and home design, and then looking at some of the nicer tile designs and concepts people are enjoying in 2018.Changes In TilingIt would feel wrong at this point to talk about any trends in tiling without mentioning the fact that mixed reality is poised to drastically impact the industry. The term applies to both virtual and aug..
How To Use Swimming Pool Coping Tiles To Make Your Pool Area Look Brand New
In summer all you want to do is sit by the pool, pour yourself a nice drink and enjoy the day. However old and dirty paving by the pool can ruin the experience. When your pool area is looking dull and the tiles have lost their color you know it’s time for a makeover! Natural stone is the ideal stone for swimming pool floors. This is because of its characteristics of being salt water resistant, non-slippery and natural stone does not change color when it comes in contact with chlorine. There are many companies out there which can give your pool area a makeover using swimming pool coping ti..
Mistakes To Avoid While Doing Period House Renovation
Successful period house renovations are aimed to preserve or enhance the elements and beauty of a period property.  A period property is the one which has a traditional and a vintage value which needs to be kept unaltered. This process helps in generating a heritage premium in its value. Taking a sledgehammer to renovate your living room is an exciting idea but, reviving your home is a process that requires a lot of time, expertise and great care.You must realize that Focus is the key element to a thoughtful planning. Once you decide to opt for period house renovations you ..
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