Hardware Trends

Contrasting Colors

The contrast between the colors of the furniture and the shades of the accent pieces will create a sophisticated and put-together bathroom design. For those who prefer more saturated hues, then opt to complement your cabinetry with nickel accessories and hardware, take, for instance, the Nouveau drawer handle.

Dark Matte Hardware

Besides brass and copper, matte black will once again be one of the most in-demand finishes for 2021. This tone goes perfectly with silver accents and plumbing as well as with complete matte black fixtures. If matte black hardware sounds a little daunting, our Codium drawer handle incorporates black, golden, and a small pearl in a single piece and is a softer approach to this trend.

2020 was the year of “No Hardware” in both kitchens and bathroom decor trends. While hardware will be back in 2020, design lovers are shying away from boring pieces that are practical but not creative nor innovative and searching for interesting hardware that can serve as both a tool and a decorative element in the room, such as the Linckia drawer handle, whose unusual shape and seafaring flair is sure to bring attention and compliments a bathroom division.


Geometric Patterns

Geometric tiles are a versatile trend that can fit almost any bathroom color and decor scheme, as you can choose specific colors and patterns to get the best look. In 2021, this trend will be taking a bolder turn color-wise, but softer shades of tiles will still be perfect to incorporate in a more neutral scheme or in bathrooms with wooden accents.


Create a clean and sophisticated ambiance in the bathroom by applying marble flooring. Carrera, Statuary, and Calacatta Gold are great options for white marble with grey veins that will provide a natural and elegant texture to the marble tiles. Using black marble is a bolder idea that would suit an all-black bathroom like a glove.

Bohemian Style Tiles

This trend emphasizes the use of vintage elements and accents in a modern bathroom as a form of decoration and elevated design. Bohemian tiles can be colorful and all kinds of vintage patterns are available, which makes it easier to incorporate in a design scheme and a great way to add some color to the room.


Statement Walls

Statement walls create a visually interesting aspect in the bathroom that will immediately draw guests’ eyes. The Bathroom Decor Trends 2021 mostly include accent walls installed as shower walls since a big trend on bathrooms at the moment is transparent shower doors. Choosing decor items with the same color or pattern as the accent wall will help bring the design scheme together.


The raw and minimalistic look of concrete is what made it such a big trend for 2020 and 2021. Design lovers rely on it to make their homes more minimal and crisp, especially as kitchen countertops and living room floors, and for the upcoming year, bathrooms will also be taking on this look.


Much like marble flooring, marble walls are a big trend for 2021, so much that combining both trends into one room and creating a full marble bathroom is becoming a popular trend of its own. For a more subdued look, complement the marble walls with black or neutral tiles.

Wooden Accents

Sustainability and care for the environment have been big topics in 2020 and have evolved into a trend of using natural materials as accents and furniture in the home, which will continue in 2021. Wooden counters, mirror frames, nature-inspired hardware pieces, and shelves paired with plants and woven baskets will result in a stunning natural bathroom.

Neutral Colour Schemes


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